For almost 30 years, I accompanied my foreign service husband around the world, giving me the opportunity to create my art in diverse and intriguing locales. But it was finally the colors and images of southern Africa which inspired me to do my most satisfying work. I love patterns and shapes formed by color.  Nature is my muse, and I found a never ending supply of inspiration in the people, animals, cloths, baskets  and landscape of Africa.

I work with oil pastel, because I enjoy the feeling of being close to my work, and there is something about dirty fingers that I find comforting.

​In May 2020, I moved to to Bozeman, Montana.  I am overwhelmed and inspired by the beauty of the land, the  drama of  the weather and the tragedy and power of the history.   My current work is listed under Bozeman Works, while examples of older pieces are under Past Work.  If you have any questions, you can contact me at:



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