Gallery of Past Works
All images of past works can be made into prints or cards.  For more information, please contact the artist.  
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Avian Chorus Line
Passionate Toucans
Fish Around Blue Heron
Golden Elephants
Lindy's Whales
Matriarch's March
Moose Deuce
Puffin Dating
Warthogs in the Tulips
Giraffe Stroll
Snow Bunnies
Puffins on Green
Moose Cubed
Samba do Tucano
Pheasant King
Hyacinth Macaws
Wild Turkey Trot
Wild Turkey Watch
Amidst the Aloes
Our Super Secret Magic Jungle Playground
Patriot Bison
Jungle Dudes
Tuft Guys
Puffin Lineup
Chickadees and Blueberries
Quail Amidst the Ferns
Beyer Poppies
Farmor's Poppies
Little Rainbow Iris
Moody Irises
Ranunculus Stars
Sunflowers Provencale
Red Sunflowers
Joanne's Other Flowers
Poppies and Lavender
White Roses
Sunflowers Sur Le Table
Tulips Blue
Coral Roses and Friends
Antique Coral Roses
Poppies Provencale
Pink Poppies
Sunflowers and Blues in Purple Vase
Purple and White Tulips on Teal
Ranunculus Diamonds
Another Golden Bouquet
Overflowing Flower Vase
Rust Lilies and Sunflowers
Rocky Mountain Treasure
Autumn Bouquet
Summer Dreams in Blues and Purples
Ice Poppies
Hydrangeas Too
Mixed Flowers with Astolameria
Red Sage Sunflowers
Fish Circle Dance
Fish Dance on the Rocks
Fish Dance at Georgetown
Fish Dream of Flying
Fish Dance of Falling Water
Fish Frolic on the Potomac
Flight of the Blue Crabs
Salmon Dance
Fish Dance
Little Fish Dance
Crab Dance
Fish Cascading
Into the Deep
Brown Trout Dance
Fish Sea Dance
Fish Travels
Fish Dance on a Starry Night
Theresa's Blues
Patriot Zebras Dance on the Mall
Sirens of the Tidal Basin
Sirens of the Potomac
Aspens 1
Aspens 2
A Washington Watering Hole
Aspens Deep
Sirens of Georgetown
Aspen Screen
The Commute
Basotho Horsemen Race
Basotho Horsemen Ride
The Meeting
Cocooned 1
Cocooned 2
Cocooned 3
As Mulheres do Salvador
Six Blankets
Riding On
Going Home
Young Riders
Siren 2
Ron's Siren
Siren 1
Inside reads - The Gift of the Magi: Frankincense, Goldens, and Myrrh (and a stick and a tennis ball)
Inside reads: While Shepherds watch Their Flocks at Night
Snowy Mission - blank inside
Christmas Cards
The Women's Boat
Can You Feel the Ghost Fish Passing?
Gathering the Colors of Life
Riding the Wild
Ranuculus Diamonds
Canada Guys
Harvest Pheasant
Peacock 1
Marine Life